KATOP will attend NAATBatt 2024



KATOP will attend NAATBatt 2024!

NAATBatt International, the trade association for advanced battery technology in North America, is holding its 15th annual meeting & conference at the Omni La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California on February 19 – 22, 2024.

Chris Groesbeck will represent KATOP to attend the Board meeting and dinner at Parlor Room of the Golf Clubhouse on the evening of February 20th and the vice president of KATOP, Peter Chou, will have a presentation about KATOP at Costa de la Luna 1-3 at 11am on February 21st.

This Year' s Meeting Theme is "Building Capacity". NAATBatt 2024 will focus on the rapid build-out of advanced battery manufacturing in North America. 


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