We are committed to seeking ultimate intelligent manufacturing solutions for future new energy, making more contributions to human future energy exploration and global environmental protection

Jiangsu KATOP Automation Co., Ltd

Towards zero carbon,sustainable development

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Carbon Emission Reduction


Normative Governance

Give Back to Society

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PTL's green development philosophy is to strive to reduce the environmental footprint of production and operations, and to design green, environmentally friendly products. PTL has established the "Environmental Management Program" system, unified the company's basic criteria for environmental management and implemented a "target + & process" assessment mechanism for environmental protection. PTL has set up specific environmental management policies and paid environmental taxes and fees according to applicable laws and regulations.

PTL establishes smooth communication channels and cooperative relations with stakeholders, identifies the company's substantive ESG issues based on the demands of stakeholders in the main business. PTL clarifies the division of internal responsibilities, implements key management projects. and achieves high quality development from positive influence on environment and society.

PTL attaches great importance to corporate governance. The board of directors participates in the formulation of the system and assumes corresponding responsibilities from the company's (for) green products, corporate governance norms and corporate business ethics. In addition, the performance of directors, supervisors and senior management personnel is linked to the performance of environmental management. Directors, supervisors and senior management personnel are the role models for the whole company.

PTL actively fulfills its social responsibilities as a listed company, and gives back to the society while achieving corporate goals and balancing its own development. PTL attaches great importance to public welfare education, such as providing care and assistance to students in poverty through multiple channels, building harbor of love for them, and helping them to change their life trajectory. Subsidiaries in various regions also have initiated a long-term donation mechanism for local students.

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Employee Care

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