As a supplier of LIB key equipment with 100% independent intellectual property rights, KATOP is committed to providing intelligent solutions for lithium battery process equipment to customers in the global new energy industry.


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    LIB Equipment

    As a supplier of key lithium battery equipment with 100% independent intellectual property rights, KATOP is committed to providing intelligent solutions for lithium battery process equipment for customers in the global new energy industry. Star coating equipment such as fabric machines and gravure bottom coating machines.

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    Dry Process Electrode Production Solutions

    Compared with the traditional wet process of electrode production, the dry process saves the time spent on drying after coating, it saves solvents, shortens working hours, avoids solvent residues, reduces equipment complexity, and can also greatly increase the energy density of batteries and electrode manufacturing efficiency, creating a new method for large-scale manufacturing of lithium batteries.

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    Solid State Battery Production Equipment

    With forward-looking research and development capabilities in the field of new batteries such as solid-state batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and metal batteries.

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    Hydrogen Production Solutions

    In the field of fuel cell membrane electrode equipment, we adhere to the combination of independent R&D and external technical cooperation, and has established a product system consisting of CCM coater, coater for hydrogen production by electrolytic water, GDL coater and coating machine for fuel cell experiment.

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    More Services

    We provide you with upgrading and transformation services for existing lithium battery production lines, which greatly improves the production line efficiency, production capacity and product quality. Also, we can also provide you with services like dry electrode powder processing, electrodes forming verification, and new coating verification, slurry testing and so on.

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KATOP high-efficiency system solutions are provided to customers in different industries to meet their demanding needs.
The company expands new fields of battery materials and photovoltaic equipment.


KATOP is a company dedicated to the R&D of innovative and effective production solutions for new energy industry. The company offers“ Lab to Giga” turnkey solutions of LIB key equipment whether it’s for lab, pilot, small batch or for mass production.

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