• Under the background of "dual carbon"

    The rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry and the continuous expansion of various battery application scenarios have put forward higher requirements for lithium battery production technology innovation, improvement of product quality, and reduction of production costs. Upgrading production lines with a small investment to eliminate technical bottlenecks and further enhance the equipment life cycle has become a better choice for customers. Production line upgrades can further improve production and management efficiency, enhance the efficiency, sustainability and stability of product supply, thereby promoting the sustainable development of enterprises.

  • Achieve new production goals cost-effectively

    As a leading technical expert in the coating field, KATOP has rich professional knowledge and experience. This technical knowledge has been fully integrated into our equipment such as separator coaters, gravure primer coaters, single deck coaters, double deck coaters, etc., allowing us to have extraordinary insight into all aspects of the upgrade process and equipment technology. We always provide customized solutions based on your target to maximize process performance of the machine.

Small investment eliminates technical bottlenecks and leads to a long lifecycle

Upgrading requires small or medium investment only and it can help break production bottlenecks or previous process design limitations. Typical process upgrade modules include design engineering, new components, reconstruction, upgrading, process control, as well as efficient commissioning and after-sales service. By reusing existing machines after upgrading rather than buying new ones, a longer life cycle for your production lines can be achieved.

Our professional upgrading and transformation team can not only carry out whole-mechanism and whole-system upgrading for KATOP coaters, but also provide partial upgrading and renovation services for coating equipment of other brands at home and abroad. For coating equipment, including its important structures such as unwinder, coating, drying, traction, rewinder, feeding system, etc., we can provide better feasible solutions for upgrading and transformation. If you need to relocate the entire equipment or transfer some functional modules, we also provide dismantling, installation and commissioning services (KATOP equipment only). Also, we upgrade and optimize based on coating quality, production efficiency, process requirements and other aspects, and maximize customer satisfaction from multiple dimensions such as alignment correction, tension control, coating gap control, drying efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, as well as new production processes.

Before Upgrading
  • 01

    Encountering process bottlenecks and cannot meeting customer needs

  • 02

    With poor equipment safety, casualties may easily occur

  • 03

    The equipment structure is too old and the energy consumption of raw materials is high

  • 04

    The overall automation degree is low, resulting in low efficiency and quality

  • 05

    Due to insufficient environmental considerations, pollution can easily happen

  • 06

    Frequent equipment failures increase economic cost

After Upgrading
  • 01

    Improved production efficiency and quality can meet production requirements

  • 02

    The safety structure is more complete to eliminate production safety hazards

  • 03

    Fully realizing energy saving and consumption reduction, and achieving low energy loss of raw materials

  • 04

    The environmental protection system is upgraded and the working conditions for employees are improved

  • 05

    Equipment performance is better and can adapt to product upgrading

  • 06

    The equipment is highly intelligent and is easy and convenient for employees to operate

Upgrades proposed by some customers, such as
Dryer transformation
  • b3img06.jpg
  • b3img07.jpg
Renovation of feeding system
  • b3img10.jpg
  • b3img11.jpg
  • b3img12.jpg
  • b3img13.jpg
Transformation of traction mechanism for special process requirements
  • b3img14.jpg
Renovation of high-performance coating
  • b3img08.jpg
  • Frame1321319659.jpg
Rewinder and unwinder transformation
  • b3img04.jpg
  • b3img05.jpg

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