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After more than ten years of R&D accumulation, KATOP has a deep understanding of raw material production, coating processing, automated production equipment, and energy storage equipment, as well as has expertise in the following core technical fields: automation, dry process, simulation and intelligent oven parameter prediction.

We are committed to seeking better solutions of new energy for the future and have conducted thousands of experiments in fields like hydrogen energy, photovoltaics and fuel cells. With nearly a thousand professional engineers and an organizational structure that can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs, KATOP meets customers' requirements on high precision, high speed, informatization, safety and reliability of products, and works with customers on process development, prototype development and trial production.

Our Products and Services Include

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    Independent Equipment
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    Trial Line/Pilot Line/Mass Production Line
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    Whole-Plant Production Solution
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    Production Line Upgrading and Transformation
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    Material Test and Verification
Automation Technology
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    High-precision Tension Control Technology

    It consists of unwinding tension, coating tension, dryer tension, and rewinding tension. Each tension section is independent, providing stable tension for the system, ensuring meeting the high-precision requirements of the system, and achieving double closed-loop tension control. Extrusion coating section: Tension control range: 30-500N, tension control accuracy ±2N, separator tension control range: 5-100N, tension control accuracy ±1N.

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    Machine Vision Technology

    We use CMOS or CCD real-time image sensing and image acquisition technology to detect defects, alignment, width, etc. in the coating, slitting, winding and other sections of the lithium battery electrode production process, analyze the color, texture, shape and other features in the image to determine whether the product is qualified, and issue alarms in time or automatically adjust parameters of production equipment to achieve overall quality control and optimization.

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    Automatic Correction Control Technology

    With sensor technology and servo control technology, deviations in the coating process can be monitored and adjusted in real time to ensure good coating quality and high production efficiency. The principle is to collect data from sensors, calculate the deviation, and adjust the operating parameters of the coating machine on the control device to achieve automatic correction. It performs closed-loop control by using CCD technology together for pre-correction to ensure the two sides alignment of ±0.2mm.

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Innovative Drying Technology
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    Infrared Heating

    The infrared hot air drying system uses hot air convection circulation to dry. While blowing away the air film on the surface of the electrode, it evenly transfers heat to various positions of the electrode, discharges high-concentration exhaust gas in time and replenishes fresh drying hot air. Hot air can greatly increase the evaporation and discharge rate of the solvent, reduce the mass transfer resistance, and improve the drying quality of the electrode. Infrared technology can be easily matched with existing production lines or partial transformation can be made on existing coating machines to achieve production goals.

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    Laser Heating

    Infrared laser heating technology can slow down the temperature gradient in the depth direction, shorten the action time of capillary effect, fully alleviate the floating of binder, and delay the film formation time,and effectively avoid overheating of the dried area, weaken the capillary effect, and effectively increase void content. During the production process, gentle temperature gradient control is achieved, thereby reducing internal stress and effectively reducing the risk of electrode cracking.

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    Electromagnetic Heating

    The high-frequency induced eddy current thermal effect is used to heat the foil. The foil transfers heat to the slurry through thermal conduction. The heating thermal resistance is small, the thermal gradient and the water vapor concentration gradient are in the same direction, and the drying efficiency is high.

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Advanced Simulation Technology
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    Fluid Simulation

    Simulate and analyze various complex flow fields, and conduct flow field analysis on typical dryer air nozzles to achieve uniformity of wind speed.

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    Structural Simulation

    Conduct mechanical analysis on various new structures and check their strength; carry out lightweight design on old structures to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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    Thermodynamic Simulation

    Analysis of various temperature fields, typical analysis of dryer temperature field uniformity, analysis of temperature field of hot roller surface.

Intelligent Dryer Parameter Prediction Technology

Through digital twin technology such as real-time collection, establishment of digital models, full data fusion, and self-learning intelligent prediction, we realize the visualization of important information such as slurry, coating, and equipment, and perform controls over automatic and manual switching, operation control, and drying parameters of each section of the dryer, to achieve the goals of efficient drying, always stable wind speed, and energy saving and emission reduction.


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