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Optimal performance-price ratio and lowest total life cycle cost

The purchasing philosophy of KATOP Procurement Department comes from the responsibility of providing the best supply policy for all KATOP's subsidiaries and departments. The company follows the philosophy of "optimal performance-price ratio and lowest total life cycle cost" and focuses on reducing the total cost of the procurement supply chain and contributing to the added value of the enterprise, rather than just reducing the procurement price. In order to fully meet the company's needs, we establish strategic partnerships and sign long-term contracts with core suppliers, and achieve economic benefits based on volume-based pricing by integrating the needs within the company to ensure the competitiveness and sustainable development of both parties.

  • Sourcing Direction

    KATOP focuses on the research, development, production and sales of lithium batteries (solid state, dry process), fuel cells, photovoltaic and other equipment in the field of new energy. To this end, we purchase various products from qualified suppliers and manufacturers, and maintain long-term relationships of equality and mutual benefit based on the principles of "mutual benefit, innovative cooperation, common growth, and shared value".

  • Sourcing Strategy

    Jiangsu KATOP Automation Co., Ltd. conducts strategic and operational procurement for all its subsidiaries and departments. In addition, we enter into structured contracts for our subsidiaries to enable them to make their own purchases.

  • Contact Mode

    KATOP establishes procurement strategies for all its subsidiaries and departments. In addition to purchasing from the parent company, our subsidiaries around the world also purchase independently and externally. Therefore, you can also contact the purchasing department of each subsidiary directly.

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      Jiangsu KATOP Automation Co., Ltd.
      Guangdong KATOP Automation Co., Ltd.
      KATOP Automation Co., Ltd.
      Jiangxi KATOP Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
      Ningde KATOP Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
      Dongguan KATOP Automation Co., Ltd. (Hengli Branch)
      Dongguan ChaoHong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
      Dongguan KATOP Automation Co., Ltd.
      Sichuan KATOP Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
      Dongguan KATOP Risheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
      Wuxi KATOP Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.
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